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Ice Pack Cryotherapy


You are probably familiar with icing a freshly sprained ankle or busted shin to reduce swelling and pain. Cryotherapy, or “cold therapy,” works in the same way to reduce inflammation and pain, but on injuries suffered long ago. Start your road to recovery with Dr. Pete Lazarnick “Dr. Pete” today! There are many benefits associated with ice pack cryotherapy that it’s become a popular treatment option in the Carrollton, GA, area. 

Ice pack cryotherapy is also an effective way to help with muscle spasms. Benefits can be obtained from just one session of cryotherapy, but it is most effective when used regularly. Commonly used in treatment for sports injuries, some athletes use cryotherapy twice a day, while others may go once a day for ten days and switch to once a month after that time. Listen to what your body says as it reacts to the treatment, as well as any advice given to you by your trusted chiropractor. 

Other benefits of cryotherapy include:

- Reduces pain attributed to arthritis

- Helps treat mood disorders

- Decreases symptoms of migraines

- Numbs pain associated with nerve irritation

- Treats certain skin conditions

- Potential to help treat low-risk tumors

- Potential to help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s

Are you an athlete who could benefit from ice pack cryotherapy? We are happy to answer any questions that come up. Dr. Pete Lazarnick “Dr. Pete” is located at 486 Bankhead Hwy in Carrollton, GA 30117. Please visit www.askdrpete.com or call 770-832-2226 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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