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Rotator Cuff Injuries

Do you feel pain when you lift your shoulder? Have you noticed that your shoulder is less flexible and your arm seems weaker? If so, that’s not just a normal part of aging. At the Carrollton chiropractic office of Dr. Peter Lazarnick (Dr. Pete), we provide non-invasive, non-addictive treatments for musculoskeletal problems, including injuries to the rotator cuff. People with shoulder pain can usually make full recoveries if they get treatment, but without it, they may continue to experience degeneration.

The rotator cuff is made up of a group of four tendons that secure the ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder in place. They are lubricated by a bursa under the clavicle, and the ball-end of the humerus is also secured with a seal of cartilage. The tendons can suffer acute injuries, and a younger person is more likely to suffer an acute injury to their rotator cuff than a degenerative injury. But in people over the age of forty, particularly if they play sports such as tennis or do jobs that require them to keep their arms elevated above their heads, it is common for the tendons to become worn and fray. The bursa might also become worn, and damage to either could result in inflammation.

A person is at greater risk of tearing their rotator cuff if it is already worn or has suffered a previous injury. However, if they get help before they suffer extensive tearing, a worn rotator cuff can usually be treated without surgery. Our office provides several specialized soft tissue therapies including muscle energy work and positional release technique that will reduce inflammation and tightness. Physical therapy will allow a patient to slowly return to a healthy level of activity instead of leaving their arm muscles to further atrophy, and will help to reduce strain on the shoulder joint in the future.

Dr. Peter Lazarnick is located at 486 Bankhead Hwy, Carrollton, Georgia, 30117. To schedule an appointment, call 770-832-2226 or visit www.askdrpete.com.

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