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Office Ergonomics

Many patients of Dr. Pete Lazarnick “Dr. Pete” work in offices. That means most are sitting down in front of a computer the majority of the day. Office ergonomics is important so you need to adjust your working space to your physical needs. You’ll reduce your pain and discomfort while heightening your health. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Dr. Pete in Carrollton, Georgia today.

Your desk is the main area for readjustment. First, adjust the desk to your height: it shouldn’t be too short or too tall in comparison to you. The next step is to rearrange the placement of items on your desk. You want everything to be comfortably within arms reach, including things like your phone, papers, tissues, etc. Doing this helps prevent straining your arms by reaching! Also pay attention to the way you’re sitting: keep your feet flat on the ground and avoid crossing them or stretching your legs out. This should create a 90-110 degree angle, guaranteeing your blood is flowing throughout your body. And don’t forget about your posture! Make sure you’re sitting up straight with your back completely against the chair.

Computers are part of everyday life. This is true even in the workplace, but make sure you modify your computer to your needs. Place the monitor right in front of you. This keeps you from having to swivel your neck to see it. The height of the monitor is also important. To avoid having it too high or too low, adjust the top of the monitor to be at your eye level. Next, pay attention to the way you’re typing. Your wrist should be kept straight while typing. Place your shoulders perpendicular with the floor and your forearms parallel. Most importantly: get up and stretch every 20-30 minutes. Whether that means standing at your desk or just taking a short stroll, do it! It improves your overall body function and blood flow.

Dr. Pete Lazarnick “Dr. Pete” is located at 486 Bankhead Hwy in Carrollton, GA 30117. Please visit www.askdrpete.com or call 770-832-2226 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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