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Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation

Chiropractic is more than a set of techniques for restoring skeletal alignment. It’s a philosophy of health that emphasizes putting the body in the best position to heal itself with as little intervention as possible. At the Carrollton chiropractic office of Dr. Peter Lazarnick (Dr. Pete), we provide a wide variety of complementary pain relief and physical therapies that don’t rely on drugs or surgery. Among them is electric muscle stimulation (EMS), which benefits people recovering from injuries as well as highly active athletes.

Our muscles naturally convulse when they receive an electric signal. Electric muscle stimulation takes advantage of this by delivering a machine-generated shock along wires and into the patient’s body. The induced muscle convulsion pumps out settled blood and allows in blood with fresh nutrients. It also releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever, and loosens up muscles that have tightened. EMS is commonly used on people who have suffered strokes to rebuild neural pathways, but it also helps athletes reduce their recovery time and provides safe pain relief to people with conditions such as fibromyalgia and some kinds of arthritis.

EMS is fast and easy to undergo. The wires are held in place on top of the patient’s skin with sticky pads, and the electric jolt is commonly described as pleasantly tingly. EMS is not safe for people with pacemakers and is generally not recommended for people who are pregnant, but it otherwise can be used with minimal risk for people who are also undergoing other treatments for back and limb pain. It is commonly combined with physical therapy, allowing patients with atrophied muscles to feel less sore afterward.

Dr. Peter Lazarnick is located at 486 Bankhead Hwy, Carrollton, Georgia, 30117. To schedule an appointment, call 770-832-2226 or visit www.askdrpete.com.

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