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Effects of Whiplash

Whiplash is a scary-sounding term, and it’s true that neck injuries are a serious matter. Damage in your cervical vertebrae can be quite painful and have a major impact on your ability to go about your ordinary life. However, most people do recover from whiplash injuries. At the Carrollton chiropractic clinic of Dr. Peter Lazarnick (Dr. Pete), our team of musculoskeletal health experts helps patients to regain their body’s function and comfort by using safe, minimally invasive techniques, so let’s take a look at what exactly whiplash does and how to counter it.

A whiplash injury occurs when a patient’s head is snapped back and forth, putting excessive strain on their neck vertebrae and associated spinal discs, muscles, and ligaments. This sort of injury usually occurs when someone’s car gets hit from behind, but can result from any sudden physical trauma. It might take a few days after the injury for whiplash symptoms to develop, but when they do, they are likely to include stiffness in the neck, dizziness, fatigue, and soreness. Furthermore, the patient may experience cervicogenic headaches, which originate in the neck and then travel into the base of the skull, as well as shocks, tingling, or numbness along the length of their arms.

Although it may be good for a patient to rest immediately after an injury, remaining immobile will allow the neck muscles to atrophy. Heat and ice packs can be used to reduce swelling in the short-term. To further reduce inflammation, we can perform treatments including electric muscle stimulation and muscle energy work. We can also relieve impingements on the nerves leading to the head and shoulders by performing chiropractic adjustments and advise a patient on what sort of stretching exercises will help them to rebuild their neck’s strength.

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