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Are you at risk for back pain? Dr. Pete Lazarnick in Carrollton and West, GA shares risk factors and steps for prevention in this guide.

5 Risk Factors for Back Pain and How to Prevent It

Back pain doesn’t just happen. There is always an underlying cause, and some people are more at risk than others. Below, Dr. Pete in Carrollton and West, GA shares some of the top risk factors and how to prevent them.


As you age, the spine goes through changes. Your discs narrow and lose fluid, and your cartilage begins to wear away. All of this can lead to pressure on the joints, inflammation, and pain.

Level of Activity

A lack of activity leads to weak muscles, stiffness, and pain. On the other hand, excess activity can lead to overuse injuries, tension, misalignment, and more.

Job Factors

The type of job you work can determine whether you experience back pain. Desk jobs put undue pressure on the spine and discs. Manual jobs often require heavy lifting, twisting, or the use of vibrating tools. All of this can lead to various injuries to the back, resulting in back pain.


Weight is another contributing factor to back pain. When you carry excess weight, it puts pressure on the spine – often causing misalignment and slipped discs.


If you use poor posture, your head is leaning forward – something the neck and spine weren’t designed to support. This pulls on the spine, leading to misalignment, pinched nerves, herniated discs, muscle tension, and other issues.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain

You don’t have to sit back and let back pain take over your life. Just a few steps can help you significantly decrease the chance of experiencing it.

  • Get regular exercise: Seek to get 150 minutes of exercise each week to maintain a healthy weight and keep your muscles strong. Be careful, though, and don’t overdo it. Gentle exercises like swimming and yoga can provide the benefits you need without risking injury and pain. And always warm up before you begin.
  • Stretch daily: Getting in a good stretch before you start your day and before going to bed can help release tension and keep your spine healthy.
  • Be smart at work: If you have a desk job, practice proper posture and take breaks to stretch and walk around. If you have a manual job, practice proper lifting techniques and stretch throughout the day.
  • Visit your chiropractor: Chiropractic care can help maintain spinal health, prevent injuries, release tension, and much more.

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