He really works wonders, i will recommend him best chiropractor ever.

Chardae M. 

He really listens to you and is very knowledgeable in his field, and truly cares about your health!

Meredith L. 

I was involved in a car accident.  As a result, I was suffering from neck pain, back pain, leg pain and headaches.  It was really hard for me to move my neck.  Before coming in to see Dr. Pete, I was afraid that I was going to suffer with neck pain for the rest of my life.

          After being treated by Dr. Pete, I am now able to move my neck like I should (like I did before the accident), and my back feels 100 times better.

          I always enjoyed going to see Dr. Pete.  Dr. Pete and Abby are really good people and take the time to get to know you.  But most of all, and most importantly, they really help you feel better.

          I was so pleased with the care I got from Dr. Pete that I have already recommended him to friends and family, and I will continue to do so for people that I know he can help.

Mark E.

I was diagnosed with BPPV, a form of vertigo.  Basically, I felt like I was always walking on a rocking boat.  I had suffered with this problem for four months.  I went to several doctors – an ENT and neurologists – all of whom could not help me.

          Another chiropractor referred me to Dr. Pete because he felt like Dr. Pete could help me with my condition.  And he did!!  Dr. Pete has helped me achieve my balance again.

          Dr. Pete is different than the other doctors I have been to.  Dr. Pete helped me!!

          Dr. Pete went the extra mile to help me, and he checked up on me to see how I was doing.

          I would absolutely recommend Dr. Pete to my friends and family.

          Thank you so much Dr. Pete for helping me regain my balance.  WOW!!

Matt R.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Pete to my friends and family.  The office is very quiet and peaceful, and they always have great music playing.  Dr. Pete listens to you and he is very gentle. 

          I first came in to see Dr. Pete when my mother, my son and I were in a car wreck.  As a result of the accident, I had pain in my neck, shoulders, back, hip and chest.

          Dr. Pete helped us all a lot.  Some of the benefits I got as a result of seeing Dr. Pete were the great exercises he did for my hip and the use of heat and the therapy bed.

          I especially liked coming to see Dr. Pete because he is friendly and, unlike other doctors, he actually listened to me very closely and worked on the areas right where the pain was.

          I want to say “Thank You” to Dr. Pete and Mrs. Abby so much just for being there and helping me and my son, Davion, to get better.

          I love you guys!!

Christy B.

I came in to see Dr. Pete because I was involved in a car accident and my back was in serious pain and I had whiplash in my neck.

          When I first walked into the office I was physically and mentally in pain over my injuries.  I had a terrible wreck but coming to your office was the best part about it.

          I was treated for my injuries and thank you so much for getting me back on my feet.  Dr. Pete explains things well so I understood where my pains were coming from.

          I would absolutely recommend Dr. Pete to my friends and family, and only Dr. Pete.

 Chas S.

I came in to see Dr. Pete because all my muscles were tight and I was in constant pain, especially in my right shoulder, right arm and right hip.  I had been suffering from these pains for many decades.  After coming in to see Dr. Pete I got relief almost immediately!

          I appreciate the fact that Dr. Pete DID something.  He did not just tell me to take pain meds or muscle relaxers, as so many others had.  Also, instead of simply telling me to go to physical therapy, where they Do Not listen to me, Dr. Pete’s treatments and exercises helped me stretch the tight muscles out.

          If someone is thinking about becoming a patient of Dr. Pete’s, my advice to them is to GO!!  The treatments work.

          Dr. Pete, that you for all the information you shared with me, and thank you for listening to me.

Debra B.

I am so grateful that I called Dr. Pete.  He is an incredible doctor.

I came to see Dr. Pete on a Monday to get relief from a lower back issue.  I was not sure exactly what the problem was, but I was very concerned.  After a few questions, and some movement tests, Dr. Pete assured me that it could be treated and he felt confident that I could get some relief fairly quickly. 

Dr. Pete treated me for a pinched nerve in my lower back and taught me how to stretch properly to promote good back health.  I followed his regiment strictly, stretching 3 times a day, and within one day I was feeling much better.  By Wednesday the severe pain was 90% gone and I was only dealing with stiffness in the morning.  Using the stretching techniques each day relieved the stiffness and by Friday the stiffness was gone.  I am continuing the stretching as part of my daily routine.

          I would recommend Dr. Pete to anyone who is serious about getting proper treatment and relief from any pain in the body, especially lower back pain.  I would go see Dr. Pete before I went anywhere else.  I was in and out of the office each time in under an hour.  I felt that Dr. Pete was concerned with treating my pain at the source and not prescribing medications to mask the symptoms.

          If you are having back pain, I would urge you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pete.  What do you have to lose, except the pain?

Clint B.      

          I have been a patient of Dr. Pete’s in the past.  When I started having problems with my wrist I knew that he could help me. 

          I came in to see Dr. Pete this time because of my carpal tunnel problem and the fact that I was having a numbing sensation in the palms of my hands.

          Since coming back to Dr. Pete I don’t have to take my pain medicine or wear my wrist bands.  I am also sleeping better at night because I no longer wake up from the numbness in my hands or the pain I was experiencing.

          Thank you Dr. Pete.  I no longer have my wrist pain and I am now sleeping so much better at night since I came to you.

Sherry B.

          When I first came to see Dr. Pete I was suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and knee pain.  Had I decided to go the “regular treatment route,” I would have had surgery.

          But I chose to see Dr. Pete instead, and boy and I glad I did.  Not only did he take care of my pain, but I also have increased energy.

          Dr. Pete and his wife are great people and he is a great doctor.  It is such a nice treat to go to a doctor that takes care of you as a total person.  And he is easy to talk to.  I live in Grantville, Georgia, and will tell you that it is definitely worth the drive for me to see Dr. Pete.

Patricia C.

          I was involved in a car accident when a drunk driver hit me twice from behind.  The accident caused a lot of neck and back pain, not to mention headaches also.

          I went to see Dr. Pete to get some relief from my aches and pains, and I am so glad I did.  My neck pain is completely better and my lower back feels lots and lots better. 

          There was one day when I went to Dr. Pete’s office with a bad headache, and he made sure before I left that he helped me with the headache.  When I left his office that day I felt so much better.

          Dr. Pete will take the time to listen to you and answer all your questions.  He and his wife make you feel like family.  Not only did they help me with my aches and pains, but the made me have a great feeling on life.  And they don’t keep you waiting long.  They got me in and out in good time.

          I would like to say thanks to Dr. Pete and his wonderful wife, Abby.  I’m sad about the car wreck, but glad to have met two wonderful people.  I know they will change other people’s lives also.  May God bless them in so many ways.

Christy J.

 I had been taking prescribed (non-opiate) medication for what was severe, almost crippling, back pain.  I wasn’t improving and continued to be in pain.  My husband, who had been referred to Dr. Pete by a local neurologist, suggested I at least go talk to Dr. Pete regarding my back problem.  He said Dr. Pete could tell me quickly if he could help me or not.

When I first came to Dr. Pete’s office I was in such severe pain I could barely keep my hand from shaking while completing the forms Abby needed for my visit.  From the very start both Dr. Pete and Abby were so very kind, respectful and compassionate it almost brought me to tears.  Dr. Pete examined me, diagnosed me, and then told me he could help me.  What a joy!  I began treatment that day and felt immediate relief.

Judy C.

I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I sure am glad that I went to see Dr. Pete.  I had been suffering from both neck pain and back pain.  My back pain was so severe at times that I couldn’t stand for long periods of time.  I am so thankful that my neighbor, Cheri McDonald, recommended that I go to see Dr. Pete.

          I know that if I were not under chiropractic care I would still be in pain and certainly would not sleep as well as I do now.  If I begin to feel the pain coming back I go to see Dr. Pete, and then I’m good again.

          Dr. Pete really cares and is passionate about his work.  When I am at Dr. Pete’s office I feel like family and don’t feel like I do at some other doctor’s offices who jest see me as a paycheck.

I have so much trust and faith in Dr. Pete that I have referred a co-worker to see him, who in turn referred his fiancée to see Dr. Pete for their aches and pains.

Kevin D.

Dr. Pete is great to work with.  He is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of chiropractic and physical therapy, has many years of practical experience, and displays great integrity in dealing with his patients.

          He was thorough in my initial consultation, taking great care to explain my injury and various treatment options.  Dr. Pete showed great empathy for my wellness to the point that he often called me on nights and weekends to check on my progress.  He was never too busy to answer my questions or discuss alternatives.

          Thanks to Dr. Pete I am fully recovered from my herniated disk.  I would not hesitate to use Dr. Pete’s services again.  I will also recommend him to friends and family members.

John G.

I came to Dr. Pete in the early part of 2015 with complaints of extreme lower back pain and was seeking help and advice. My pain didn’t have a point of origin, like a car accident, and I had already been to Carrollton Orthopedic Clinic and received an MRI. The results from the MRI indicated that I was suffering from two bulging discs, an annular tear, and had signs of arthritis in my back. I was shocked to say the least. I was prescribed 6 visits to physical therapy and I chose Southern Therapy for my treatments. Physical therapy didn’t seem to help or really address the problem. The visits consisted of staff asking me the question, “on a scale of 1-10 how I felt that day” followed by a series of exercises. I would then be asked how I felt when I was leaving the office.

          I finally decided that with this extreme pain I had to do something else and that’s why I landed in Dr. Pete’s office. There was a decision I had to make, stop physical therapy treatments or see Dr. Pete. My decision was to see Dr. Pete. I had previously visited Dr. Pete for regular adjustments, but nothing major like the pain I was experiencing. Dr. Pete has so many redeeming qualities, but the one I’m impressed with the most is he truly cares about you as a patient. There was open dialogue between us that didn’t exist with physical therapy staff. He explained his procedures and even let me read from scholarly journals and books he had in his office.

My appointments were set to two a week until he saw progress and I was only asked to do one exercise five times a day. This exercise coupled with weekly visits with Dr. Pete took away my pain in a matter of six weeks.  My pain is not the main focus of my day anymore since I no longer experience it. I still keep up with my exercises and know that Dr. Pete is only a phone call away, should I have any questions.

I highly recommend anyone seeking pain relief to make an appointment with Dr. Pete. I’m so happy I did!

Meredith L.

My wife and I were involved in an automobile accident back on April 8, 2011.  We both suffered from a variety of problems, some of which were headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain.

          Dr. Pete was able to help us with these problems.  We want to thank you for helping both Sara and I with our injuries.  You are a gift to us.

          We feel very comfortable in your office and enjoy our visits.  You guys are some of the nicest people we have ever met.

          We would highly recommend that if you are suffering from headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and any pain for that matter, to go and see Dr. Pete.

James M.

I went to see Dr. Pete for a problem I was having with my left shoulder.  I had been suffering with the problem for four months before going to see Dr. Pete.  All types of movement would make the pain get worse, and pretty much nothing, except some Aleve, would relieve the symptoms, but only temporarily.

          After being treated by Dr. Pete for this problem it went away.  Where, before, I would suffer on a daily basis, my shoulder does not hurt at all now.  I have to say that I had a great experience at Dr. Pete’s office, and my problem was taken care of.

David K.

Dr. Pete, when I first came into your office back in January of 2006 I was barely able to walk.  You were able to help me to feel better and I am also able to move better.

          I can say, based on my treatments that you genuinely care about your patients.  I especially appreciate the fact that you tried to get me back on my feet as soon as possible. 

          Now I know where to go when my pain flares us and I can barely walk – to see you Dr. Pete.  Several times when I’ve been in so much pain I could barely walk, I came to see you and after just a few visits I was better.

 Nola P.

I came in to see Dr. Pete because I was having neck and upper back pain to the point that I had limited range of motion when turning my head from side to side.  After being treated by Dr. Pete, my neck pain was eliminated and my range of motion improved.

          Dr. Pete really cares about his patients and tailors his treatments to meet their needs, as he did mine.

          I am happy to say that by coming in to see Dr. Pete I achieved my desired results and we were able to address my issues with less visits than other chiropractors I have seen.

          I will certainly continue to come back to see Dr. Pete when I need an adjustment.

Nancy H.

I came in to see Dr. Pete because I was suffering with lower back pain.  Prior to coming in to see Dr. Pete I went to see another chiropractor in town.  After only three visits at Dr. Pete’s office I felt so much better.  I had gone to the other chiropractor for five weeks, three times a week, with very little change in my condition.

          Dr. Pete is more hands on then other doctors.  He explains, in layman’s terms, what he is doing and made sure I understood what is going on.

          I no longer suffer from my lower back pain and have peace of mind knowing I can move around without pain.

          I would absolutely recommend Dr. Pete to my friends and family.

          Thanks Dr. Pete and keep up the good work.

Calvin H.

I came to see Dr. Pete because my legs, hips and knees were hurting so bad I could barely walk.

          Dr. Pete has a very gentle spirit and he attends to the areas that hurt to relieve all the pain.  I appreciate the fact that he listens to his patient’s needs and concerns to make sure they get better.

          Thanks to Dr. Pete the pain I was having in my legs, hips and knees I am not having now.  I can now bend my knees again and walk without pain.

          Yes, yes, yes.  I would recommend Dr. Pete to my friends and family, and already have.

          Dr. Pete I thank you.  And Abby, thank you also.  You are the best.

Virginia J.

I have had a recurring problem with my lower back for a period of one year.  Approximately 3 months ago the problem was so bad I could hardly walk without experiencing terrible pain.  I used to be an avid golfer, but had to give that up because of the pain in my lower back.

          My medical doctor wanted me to go for a series of epidurals.  I speak with Dr. Pete very often and we decided that spinal decompression therapy was the way to go.  So I came out to Carrollton for a week.  After that one week I felt about 60% better.  We then decided I should come back to Carrollton to have the procedure again in about 4 weeks.  After my second week of treatment I felt 80% better.

          At this moment I am almost pain free and I am walking every day for 20 minutes. 

          I love Dr. Pete and Abby.  By the way, he is my son.

Joseph L.

I came in to see Dr. Pete after I was rear ended in my car.  I was suffering from neck pain and upper back pain after the accident.  My back was bothering me so much I had a hard time sleeping.  My shoulders were also very stiff.

          Since being treated by Dr. Pete the pain has stopped and so did the stiffness in my shoulders.  I recently started to be able to sleep better at night. 

          Dr. Pete has helped me a lot after being rear ended.  I just want to thank him for helping me feel better.  It was nice to be able to play basketball with my kids and not be hurting from the wreck.

Ted N.

I came in to see Dr. Pete after I was involved in a car wreck.  I was suffering with neck pain and back pain.

          Thanks to Dr. Pete I am now feeling much better.  Dr. Pete is friendlier than other doctors I have been to.

          I would definitely recommend Dr. Pete to my friends and family as he has done a real good job to help me and I thank you for that.

Richard T.

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